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The new "I Want A Pet..." book series are ready for fun and learning.  There are over 200 different pet books for children to help them learn about the pet that they have or want to own. Each book discusses fun care topics along with fun activities for the child to do, such as, fill in the missing vowels, word find puzzles, mazes, make your own note cards, and make your own bookmarks, all pertaining to their chosen pet.  Each book is told from the pet's point of view, making it a fun read for kids.  (More breeds are still to come.)

The small animal, kitten, pony and generic puppy have about 50 pages each.  The dog breed specific books have about 100 pages each.

We offer 3 cookbooks for people, as well as one to make your own dog treats. 

Any listings that do not have a picture and a weblink, are new and will be listed as soon as they are ready.  I am striving to get all of the AKC breeds and other popular UKC breeds listed. Every child should have a book for their favorite pet.

Our books are sent to you promptly, with tracking and order confirmations.





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